Rider's Rides

Here's a collection of rider's rides and their words about their Black Mountain Cycles road and cross bikes.  I'm very proud to have played a hand in the fun they are having on their bikes.

Road bike
"Today's ride, however, was much more reasonable - we started earlier and had a lot less climbing. Early in the ride one of our group, Debbie, got a flat.  So I offered to fix it, which I did.  While I fixed her tire  she borrowed my bike (Debbie is 5'11") to find a gas station to go to the bathroom.  

She came back a few minutes later with a huge grin on her face "This is the most comfortable road bike I've ever been on - I can't even believe it," she said.  Debbie rides a custom titanium bike made by Kent Ericsson in Colorado with full a Dura Ace group."
Dave M., California (Debbie road Dave's Black Mountain Cycles road bike)

Road bike
"It's not possible to really express in words the feeling I have riding my new bike. I've commuted various routes to Cambridge from Sharon Mass: about a dozen times in all. Each trip ranges from 25 to 30 miles and while I don't have electronics a riding partner has clocked us at 17 mph avg. moving speed -- there are stoplights.  It's by far the most fun bike I've ever experienced and hope to get more into longer rides."

Reuven K., Massachusets

Cross bike
"I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a nice Cross frame. I built it up last week with a mix of used and new parts and took it for a shakedown 30 mile ride on the trail near me. Everything worked perfect.  All I can say is that I love it!  This is the first new bike I have owned in 30 years and I wanted something that I could ride on the road to the trail and also on the trail. Your bike is exactly what I was looking for.  It was terrific of you to make in in the 65 cm size too."
Mark E., Pennsylvania

Cross and Road bike owner
I finally got around to building up my Black Mountain Cycles Road bike. I did a 30 mile test ride and it felt great. As smooth of a ride as the Monster Cross only quicker. It really accelerates quickly out of corners and climbs really well. I did not get a chance to descend anything steep yet, but I'm sure it will handle as well as the Monster Cross.
Rob D., Pennsylvania

Road bike
"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your road frame. It's finally spring over here and I've had the opportunity to ride my BMC a few times. I built up the frame using nearly all the components from a Trek 5200 that I never really warmed up to - it was passed down to me from my brother. I'm running it with Clement Strada 28s. It's a wonderfully smooth ride. Feels nice on the climbs and holds tight and steady on descents. It just does what I want it to - I'm happy."
Ernest T., Canada
Road bike
"I've got about 200 miles in so far with several dirt/gravel road exploring trips on it.  It rides great, its comfortable, stable, looks great imho.  Its is a ton of fun having a bike that I know I can ride really rough country roads, dirt, or fine gravel.  When its raining I'll put fenders on and ride it year round.  I own a sweet 54cm Cannodale Caad 10 that's sub 16lbs and its a rocket but with 8.5cm of saddle to handlebar drop its aggressive. For long rides, with mixed surfaces, the B.M.C. road frame is fantastic, same reach but only 4cm of drop make it a great century type bike.  I can't wait to explore more back roads with this new rig.  How do I know this is the right bike for me, I knew when I felt no need to get online and search for bikes any longer."
Jason S, California
Cross bike
"Nice solid yet comfy road and off road feel. No unwanted flex yet plenty of give to smooth out the lumps and bumps. Unlike my last off road "ten speed", this bike climbs out of the saddle real well. With my hands on the hoods or in the drops I have all sorts of leg and arm room to tilt the bike side to side to help propel the thing forward. With a nice long head tube I am able to get the seat to bar ratio just right with out using loads of spacers or an extreme rise (goofy looking) stem. The grey color is much nicer than expected and with a clear powder coat protection, it should look nifty for years. The ride is just right, twitchy/responsive steering yet not overly so that riding with no hands is a puckering event. I like "fat" tires and this frame was designed to fit up to 45 to 47 mm tires. Or you can be like Lance and run 19mm rubber bands. When designer Mike Varley said he designed the frame's geometry to "go unnoticed" he really knew what he was doing. No surprises or bad manners at all. I've had LOTS of bikes over the years and with most, the inaugural ride lead to lots of tweaking of parts and stem and seat angles, not to mention brake and derailleur adjustments. I didn't have to do a damn thing. He nailed it perfectly."

Mike P., California

Road bike
"If I had to describe the Black Mountain in a single word, it would be, “inspiring.”  Whenever I ride the bike, I want to keep on riding.  My legs or lungs may tucker out, but you’ll never hear me complain about feeling “beat up,” no matter what the terrain.  From the first ride, it immediately felt familiar.  The handling is predictable without being staid or boring.  Riders who are looking for a modern implementation of the classic, do-it-all road bike, should definitely consider the Black Mountain Cycles frame."
Mark C., Colorado - read more about his review here.

Road bike
"I finally built up the frame and had my first ride this morning. It's hard to describe the feeling I have right now. It's everything I expected when I decided to get one of your frames. It's such an awesome ride. The geometry is very well balanced. Your post about "endurance geometry" rings so true. I anticipate having this bike in my stable for years and years to come. Thank you!"
Matthew S, California
Cross bike
"The bike is so fun!  The ride is smooth and so easy it feels a little like cheating (in a good way). And good-looking! Jeff and I biked up and around Lake Lagunitas today - so I was even able to squeeze a little (easy) mixed terrain ride in before my trip next week.  It was so much fun that I now understand why people want to live on their bikes.  Now I'm actually looking forward to my commute!  Yay!"
Kate H., California
Cross bike
"Hey Mike. I can't describe how happy I am with the bike. The tires are great as well - I had my first ride today and did about 30 miles of gravel and floated over everything, rocks and potholes alike. Thank you for all of your help. I will tell all about your work."
Collin M, Texas