MUSA Frames

MUSA - Made in the USA frames by Cameron Falconer.  The second run of MUSA frames by Cameron is slated for October.  As of today (July 28, 2014), all frames from the first run are sold.  The price will be going up $100 to $1700 and it's likely we'll have a couple of color options.  For sure the International Orange and a second color option that will be determine later, but not much later. 

Framesets are $1700.  Frameset specs are:  True Temper Verus tubing, Paragon Machine Works dropouts, Pacenti PBP fork crown.  Geometry is the same as the current cross frame except I dropped by BB 5mm to work better with the larger tires folks are running.  The chain stays have an s-bend to clear any crank arm and there is clearance to run 29" x 1.75" tires.  The frames are powder coated in International Orange to match the Golden Gate Bridge.  Decals are applied on top of the finish.  

When we get a moment to breathe again, we'll make another run of frames.  Turn around on USA made frames is around six months from start to finish.  We need to make them in runs of at least three per size.  The sooner folks want to place a 50% deposit on a frame, the sooner we'll get a run started.

Here's a blog post outlining the differences between the US made frame and the Taiwan made frame.

US Made Cross Frame

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Andy Askren said...

Gah! 59s already sold out. My timing just sucks.