Black Mountain Cycles Frames

Black Mountain Cycles frames? 
Yes, our own frames designed by proprietor, Mike Varley.  Prior to establishing Black Mountain Cycles in the summer of 2007, Mike designed and developed bicycles for 14 years.  The frames designed for Black Mountain Cycles are born of a desire for simplicity and elegance.  Crafted from custom drawn and butted chrome-moly steel tubing, the frames are heat-treated and also treated with a surface finish that protects the frame from internal rust.  Each frame is the result of knowledge learned designing frames since 1995 and riding performance bikes for the past 25 years.

Limited Production
The first production in 2011 run was limited to 50 frames of each style.  As the need arises, frames will be replenished in small batches and only revised if there is a genuine need for revision.  Fashion of the day does not dictate the direction of Black Mountain Cycles frames.

Why steel frames?
Every time someone jumps on a steel bike after spending years on an aluminum beast or waif-like carbon bike, the rider comment of “wow, that rides really nice” is heard.  Steel has been around forever as a frame material.  Its properties are incredibly well documented.  The life-span of steel is well known.  It’s a frame that doesn’t necessarily have to be handled with kid gloves.  So, while every big bike manufacturer is spending countless dollars developing the next big thing, steel quietly rolls under the many bicycle aficionados as the material of choice that never went out of style.  A steel bike is elegant in its simplicity, ride quality, and appearance.  The proportions of a well-crafted steel bike are perfect.

How much? 
Either the road frame or the cross frame will be $595 including fork and all the little bits that bolt to the frame - like water bottle bolts, seat clamps, barrel adjusters, cable guides.  The new 65cm Monster Cross frameset is made with a thicker walled tubeset than the other sizes and is not heat-treated.  As a result, it is priced $50 less than the other frames at $545 for frame and fork.

How do you get one? 
Well, you can come into the shop and pick one up.  You can call me with your payment info.  I can take checks, credit cards, and cash with proper identification. You can also go to this handy Get The Goods page and order on-line through paypal.

What kind of frames?
Superb handling, quick, capable of riding on dirt paths (why limit where you can ride), and all-day comfort.  Key features of the frame design include clearance for 33.3mm tires (or 28mm with mud guards), stretched chain stay length for all-day comfort, slightly lower bottom bracket height (compared to contemporary road frames) to accommodate larger tires and lower the center of gravity for better descending manners.  Included with the frame is a threadless fork with sloping design crown.

Monster Cross
A cyclocross bike on steroids?.  Well, actually, just the wheels.  It could be called a 28”er.  Designed to accept 700cx45 tires, the Monster Cross bike is the “if-you-can-only-have-one-to-do-it-all” bike.  Fit it with 37mm touring tires and head out for a week on the road.  Throw on some 45mm knobbies and hit the trails.  This is the bike I like to pedal to cover Marin’s multitude of paved roads and fire roads.  I can leave my house, cover 10 road miles and then roll through the hills on dirt before catching another paved road home.  The perfect mixed-terrain friend.  Old school horizontal dropouts will let you easily run it as a single-speed too.

Frameset or complete bike?
You can buy either a frameset or have me build one up for you. I've got three different suggested parts kits available for both the road frame and the cross frame or can work with you to customize a bike just for you.  Single-speed, geared, fixed...the options are endless.

The geometry noted below reflects the new and previous generation of frames.  The "new" numbers are the pink or British racing green monster cross frames and the new Molteni orange road frames.

Current run frames are:
Monster Cross - Pink or British Racing Green
Road - new Molteni Orange

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If you got this far, thanks for reading.  These frames are something I’ve spent a lot of time developing and I’m pretty darn proud of them.  My goal is to make a frame that is fun to ride.  I’ve always felt the best riding bike is the one you don’t notice.  It simply disappears beneath you and you’re left with enjoying the ride.  That was and is my ultimate goal with Black Mountain Cycles’ frames.

Thanks and keep riding,
Mike Varley 
Proprietor, Black Mountain Cycles